Free Tax Questions Answered by TurboTax!

January 7, 2009


With tax season looming in the not-too-distant future, we should all make plans to start at least thinking about taxes and how to pay for them or how much of a refund we’re going to get. TurboTax (which is the software that I use to file my personal income taxes) is offering one free answer by phone about any tax question ($29.95 value) you might have from one of their tax experts!

Just to to their website ( and submit your question by January 31st and they’ll call you back within 24 hours for free (up to 20 minutes)!


4 Responses to “Free Tax Questions Answered by TurboTax!”

  1. Peter Says:

    I work in NY, Live in NJ. I am not double taxed. My W-2 just shows NY in box # 15 and NYC RES in box # 20.
    I filled state return as a resident of NJ AFTER filling state return as non-resident of NY. Turbo Tax says, I get a refund of $2600 aprrox from NY and I have to Pay $2900 to NJ State. When I filled out NJ Return it asked me “Other Jurisdiction Information – New York ” doubled tax income and Tax paid to NY on double tax income. Should I enter zero for both as I am not double tax. But again, after i enter Zero for both, and hit continue, I get “Your credit for tax paid to New York is zero.” Shouldnt I get credit for taxes paid in NY?? Turbo Tax says, I get a refund of $2600 aprrox from NY and I have to Pay $2900 to NJ State. Does this make sense??

  2. I’m not a tax expert so I’m not sure about the answer. But I would ask your question at It’s only free until tomorrow, though, so hurry!

  3. Christina Ogle Says:

    My child is 17 and has a child can she claim independent. I was told she would have to file independent to get free schooling for college she only made 3000.00 last year.

  4. gary huff Says:

    What software version of turbo tax will account for the deferral of gain on a home sale.

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