Verse of the Day: Paul’s Second Job

November 16, 2008


3 Paul lived and worked with them, for they were tentmakers just as he was.

Acts 18:3 (NLT)

There’s nothing wrong with a pastor having two jobs. In fact, most pastors in America today are bi-vocational (have two jobs). Paul was a tentmaker besides being a minister. However, I believe that a pastor can be more effective when he or she can focus on serving God without having to worry about finances.

I believe the Bible is very clear about supporting ministers. But there’s also nothing wrong with a pastor having a second job. Sometimes, it’s just what it takes.

From the Life Application Bible:

Each Jewish boy learned a trade and tried to earn his living with it. Paul and Aquila had been trained in tentmaking, cutting and sewing the woven cloth of goats’ hair into tents. Tents were used to house soldiers, and so these tents may have been sold to the Roman army. As a tentmaker, Paul was able to go wherever God led him, carrying his livelihood with him. The word tentmaker in Greek was also used to describe a leatherworker.


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