Did They Say That? Don’t Talk About Money

November 4, 2008


“The rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more or much less than you.”

Katherine Whitehorn

In other words, don’t talk to anyone about money? I would never talk to co-workers about money, or at least, salary. There is just too much room for jealousy. If you make more than the other person, they’ll be jealous of you. If they make more, you’ll be jealous. Nobody wins.

But who can you talk money with? I think every couple needs to talk about money. The number one reason for divorce in America is about money and money fights. And I’m not talking about letting one spouse control the finances. It should be a joint effort with everyone involved. Money is so important, it should be talked about before marriage. In fact, I like what Suze Orman says about knowing each other’s FICO credit scores before getting married! And that’s because how people handle their money tells what kind of person he or she is.

Remember that where your treasure your heart is too (Matthew 6:21)!


One Response to “Did They Say That? Don’t Talk About Money”

  1. poor boomer Says:

    I love talking to anybody about money because it afford me the opportunity to boast about how frugally I live. I feel no jealousy, just a sort of superiority at being better at something than almost everybody.

    Since I spend 70 percent of my income to rent a room in a house, does that means that’s where my heart is?

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