What Does the Bailout Mean for Me?

October 9, 2008


By now, most of us have heard about the news of the $700 billion bailout signed into law by President Bush on October 3rd, 2008. The bill is designed to bailout the numerous banks throughout the country that were making bad mortgage loans. The government (read: we, the taxpayers) are now going to own $700 billion worth of homes and hopefully sell them later for a profit. How much later is in question.

Do I support the bailout? It doesn’t matter. It has already passed. What I can do is try to analyze the effects of the bailout to you and I. Joe Doughnut. The average American. I definitely don’t like the idea of using taxpayer money to bailout any huge corporation that made bad decisions. They should be allowed to fail. This is a free market capitalist country. I’m afraid America is moving more and more toward socialism and that’s scaring me. But enough of that.

The real question is why does it matter to me personally? After all, this is a personal finance blog. Along with the huge amount of “bad” in the bailout, there some “good” thrown in there as well. For example, the bill increases the FDIC insured limit from $100,000 to $250,000 deposits at all banks and credit unions (that are FDIC insured). That means more protection for you! Hopefully it will get you to save more and spend less, too! This expires December 31, 2009.

Also included in the bill is about the alternative minimum tax. It was expected to hit 20 million taxpayers with an unexpected tax increase this year but it was originally supposed to affect 155 high-income households who owed little or no taxes at the time when it was introduced.

So what does the bailout mean for me? What does it mean for you? It means that I’m doing everything I can to get out of debt and avoid my own “credit crisis”. If I don’t have any debt and a have whole bunch of cash, I won’t have a credit crisis! If I don’t need to borrow, I don’t need credit! What a concept!


One Response to “What Does the Bailout Mean for Me?”

  1. jurnei Says:

    The companies that were supposed to be “bailed out” are now using the money to acquire other companies. What a rocket scientist Bush is. We can’t seem to get rid of him fast enough.

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