Get Your Free Credit Report in 4 Easy Steps!

September 3, 2008

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your free credit report from all three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) once every year (12 months).

It’s important to check your credit report to make sure there are no mistakes, errors or signs of identity theft. According to Consumer Reports, consumers find 13 million errors on their credit reports every year. And CNN Money says that 1 in 4 credit reports have errors serious enough to affect your FICO score drastically. This can affect the interest rate on loans and even your job prospects. Remember that your FICO scores (you have three of them; one from each credit bureau) is based on your credit reports.

Not only that, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country with over 9 million victims a year (Better Business Bureau). It’s so important to check your credit reports! And because they’re free, you have no reason not to. I stagger the three reports every four months. So I pull one in January, April, and September each and every year.

So here’s the quick step-by-step instructions:


1. Go to It’s the only place to get free credit reports from all three credit bureaus. is not government-sanctioned or free and you’ll be signing up for a recurring bill if you try them so avoid them like the plague! Select your state and click “Request Report”.


2. Enter your personal information including name, date of birth, SS#, address.


3. Select the credit bureau reports that you want. Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion. Click Next.


4. Click Next again. You will be taken to the credit bureau’s website. View your free credit report. Do not pay for anything. The credit report itself is free. Anything else is an added service and not needed. Don’t pay for any “credit scores” as these are not actual FICO scores that the majority of banks use. You can only get true FICO scores at and these are not free. I would either print it out or save as a PDF file for your records.

And that’s it! Four easy steps! Now you don’t have an excuse not to pull your credit report 3 times a year. And all for free!


2 Responses to “Get Your Free Credit Report in 4 Easy Steps!”

  1. Skeptic Says:

    I’m guessing that you need to enter a valid credit or debit card number for verification of identity.

    Otherwise, knowing someone else’s SSN and address would allow wrongful viewing of their credit report.

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