Quick Tip: How to Double Your Warranty Instantly

August 4, 2008


Here’s how you can double your warranty on many items that you purchase. Use your credit card. That’s right. I do disagree with Dave Ramsey on some things (although I agree more than I disagree). Credit cards can be a tool if used correctly and this is one example (out of many examples).

Many of the major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) have some form of extended warranty protection. This is available on all Visa Signature cards and many other Visa credit cards (Warranty Manager Service). MasterCard offers Extended Warranty on their World MasterCard and others. American Express offers its Buyer’s Assurance Plan on all their cards. Discover does not currently offer any extended warranty protection.

Qualifying items must be purchased entirely on the credit card. They will usually add one year to the manufacturer’s warranty for free and if it breaks within that extended period, the credit card company will reimburse you or replace/repair the item! So next time you’re offered to purchase an extended warranty plan, just politely decline and charge it to your credit card! Remember to keep all invoices, receipts, manufacturer warranty papers, etc. as you may need it to file a claim. Also the original credit card has to be kept open in order for it to work.

As a credit card holder, it pays to know your benefits! Take advantage of those benefits and you could save money!

As always, check the terms of your actual credit cards to make sure you have this.


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