I Always Ask for a Discount

March 24, 2008


Yes, I admit it. I should be in Cheapskate’s Anonymous, although I prefer to be called frugal. But you can call me cheap if you want, I really don’t care. I’m not completely cheap, though. I’ll spend money on things I care about, but I will never try to jeopardize my financial future. I always have not only the future consequences of all of my actions in mind, but the eternal consequences as well. See, we as believers are governed by something higher than this world’s economy, rules, regulations, and government. We must answer to a higher being not only here on earth but in eternity as well. We must be held accountable to God.

That being said, I always ask for a discount. I think that it is wise and being a good steward to try and get the best value for your dollar on everything. I’m not talking about taking advantage of people. I’m talking about using the money and resources God has blessed us with to get the best deal possible without hurting anyone. Everywhere I go shopping, I ask for a discount. If you’re a student, ask for a student discount. If you’re a senior citizen, ask for the discount. If you’re in the military, ask for the military discount. Even if you don’t fit in any of those, ask for a discount. When you’re checking into a hotel, ask if there’s a better rate. My philosophy is that it doesn’t hurt to ask, and the worst that can happen is that they say no.

It doesn’t matter who’s watching or if you’re going to be embarrassed asking for a discount or for using coupons. You’re never going to see the people behind you in line again. This also applies to getting “stuff” that makes you look cool. That’s why we shouldn’t buy things to impress other people. Like that shiny, fancy, new car that you want because it will make you look successful. The people you pass up on the freeway will never see you again. And their opinion doesn’t really matter anyway. The people who matter most are your family and true friends, and especially God. Everything else doesn’t really matter except who you are in God’s eyes.

So always ask for a discount and live a life that’s pleasing to God Almighty. I try to.


2 Responses to “I Always Ask for a Discount”

  1. hyip Says:

    I also always ask discount. For me buying goods this game.

  2. saph Says:

    I usually asks for discounts also. I mainly shop clearance racks and discount stores. =) We’ve made some big costly mistakes but now we’ve learned from them and are doing our best to be wise stewards of all the Lord has blessed us with. =)

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