Are You Part of the $150 Billion Stimulus Package?

January 25, 2008


The proposed $150 billion “economic stimulus package” by President Bush is promising rebates of between $300 and $1200 or more to the low and middle class people of the United States to help kickstart the economy by giving money to those who are most likely to spend it. Why don’t you go against the current and actually save it instead of spending it?

Here are the quick facts on the proposed plan:

1. Most single taxpayers will receive a $600 check
2. Dual-income households will receive $1200.
3. For each child (dependent) you will receive $300 each.
4. Workers who made at least $3,000 but didn’t pay taxes will receive $300 ($600 for those married and filing jointly).
5. Income limitations are $75,000 for single taxpayers and $150,000 for couples.
6. Apparently all of this is based on your 2006 tax return.

The legislation has not passed yet, although it most likely will and is being pushed strongly by President Bush. But if and when it does pass, you can expect your rebate checks to come in May or June of this year (2008). Just file your 2007 taxes just like normal.

All I can say is to not act like you’ve already got the money and spend an extra $600 on something you don’t need! I’ll probably get $600 as a single taxpayer and I’ll most likely just boost my emergency savings or pay down debt or both. All I know is that I’m not going to act like I have it and spend it before I get it. It will be a welcome surprise in my budget come May or June!

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One Response to “Are You Part of the $150 Billion Stimulus Package?”

  1. That is exactly what my wife and I plan on doing. We have quite a big chunk of debt and this will make a nice dent in it.

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