My Top Money Goals for 2008

January 12, 2008


I hope that everyone had a happy holiday season and is ready to tackle another new year! I believe this year can be your turnaround year! Let this be your year of new beginnings! With a new year brings new goals, new life situations, and a fresh outlook on life. Don’t let this year be just another year. With that being said, here are my top money goals for 2008:

1. Save more, spend less. One of the golden rules to becoming wealthy is spending less than you make. Live on less than you make and you can use the extra to pay down debt or invest for your future. If you can’t do this, you need to make more money!

2. Pay down debt. Yes, even a personal finance blogger like me has debt! But I have a plan to get out of debt and although I won’t be debt-free this year, I’m still making progress. I want to pay off my car within a couple years. I’m sick of a car payment…

3. Beef up my emergency fund. I have an emergency savings account that’s not quite up to 6 months of expenses. I want to achieve that this year and some extra. I currently have my emergency fund at FNBO Direct (currently at 5.05%) and ING Direct (currently at 4.10%). If you want a free $25 bonus for opening an ING account with at least $250 to start your emergency fund, make sure to contact me.

4. Start saving for Christmas now. Christmas is not an emergency! Christmas happens to land on December 25 every year and yet many people end up charging Christmas on their plastic credit cards and end up paying way too much in interest. Start saving now and pay cash! I plan on doing that starting right now.

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