FREE $50 ING Direct Bonus!

September 27, 2007



I just saw this at FatWallet. It’s a $50 bonus for opening an Orange Savings account with ING Direct with a $250 minimum. Normally they only pay out $25 so this is a great deal and an easy 20% instant return on your money. Just go to the special New York Times ING Direct page and enter the code NY3. But hurry up because this expires 9/30/2007.

The interest rate right now is about 4.3% which is still better than most banks! And apparently the $50 bonus posts right away! You don’t even have to wait for it! Also there is no credit check or hard pull when opening this account.

**This is no longer valid but you can still get the regular $25 bonus with a deposit of $250. That’s an instant 10% return! All you have to do is contact me!

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4 Responses to “FREE $50 ING Direct Bonus!”

  1. ChristianPF Says:

    Wow, this really is a great deal – bummer I am already an ING nut!! I encourage everyone to take advantage of it – they really are a great company with some great products!

  2. Yeah, same here. I’ve been with ING since 2005. I didn’t even get the normal $25 bonus! Oh well! At least I can still help others out.

  3. Junedge Says:

    If you need ING referals,you can email me :

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