Quick Tip: Easy Way to Convert Hourly Wage to Salary

June 11, 2007


Have you ever wondered what your annual salary is if you’re an hourly worker? How about weekly, monthly, etc.? How about if you’re a salaried worker? Do you want to know your hourly wage? Here’s a quick and easy online calculator to find out exactly that.

Wage Calculator

Here’s some more:
Hourly Wage to Annual Salary
Annual Salary to Hourly Wage

Now, granted, it’s pretty simple and makes some assumptions (like 40 hour weeks, etc.) But it’s a quick way to get a rough estimate. Try it!

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7 Responses to “Quick Tip: Easy Way to Convert Hourly Wage to Salary”

  1. Minimum Wage Says:

    Where I work we remind ourselves that our labor is valued at 13 cents per minute.

  2. Why do you have a negative attitude about work? Even though it may be true that you are not valued, you should not be dwelling on that because it doesn’t help anything to focus on the negative. Jesus said not to worry in the Bible and that worrying doesn’t add a single day to your life. Know that you are valued by God and that’s really all that matters. God Bless!

  3. Minimum Wage Says:

    I don’t have a negative attitude about “work” – I once worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant in comp sci and I loved that work – but I do have a negative attitude about menial, dead-end, unvalued toil, especially in an inner-city environment full of street people, under-the-bridge dwellers, gangbangers, bums, shoplifters, moochers, and all sorts of walking social problems. And I feel like an enabler, as a very high proportion of our sales volume is derived from tobacco, alcohol, lottery, junk food, and pornography (in estimated descending order of dollar volume).

    I think back to the time I volunteered in a homeless shelter ministry, and experience the same types of stress I did back then, and I think to myself, HEY, I didn’t sign on to this job to do urban street ministry! If I wanted to do that, I’d go back to the homeless ministry.

    And I feel stuck, as if I don’t have any better options. We have high turnover here, as everyone who can do so moves on after a few months at most. Which means high absenteeism, e.g. people abruptly quitting, putting stress on the remaining employees (e.g. working double shifts, schedule dislocations, getting called in on what you had expected to be your day off). Since nobody here earns enough to support a family, only one of our employees is married, and none of us owns a home – indeed, most of us live in SRO rooms, as we build wealth for others without building any for ourselves.

  4. […] of the the world’s poor. Even if you were making the federal minimum wage of $5.15 an hour (which equates to about $10,712 annually) and is definitely not a livable wage, you would actually be the 789,723,668th richest person in […]

  5. Those finance tips may help me raise my salary a little bit as I need something like this very much.

  6. Moe Zilla Says:

    Here’s a simple way to do a quick calculation in your head


    Just divide the number of thousands in the salary by two. That will get you pretty close to the hourly wage — and without using a calculator!

  7. frankie Says:

    I have found a comprehensive online converter which calculates everything you might or might not need, hourly, daily, weekly etc. Plus you can type in the hours you actual work rather than it assuming you work 40 hrs a week.
    Salary Converter.co.uk

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