Verse of the Day: God Established Seedtime and Harvest

April 26, 2007


22 “While the earth remains,

Seedtime and harvest,

Cold and heat,

Winter and summer,

And day and night

Shall not cease.”

Genesis 8:22 (NKJV)

God Himself established seedtime and harvest and “while the earth remains” God promises that it will continue. Sowing seed and receiving a harvest is a Biblical principle and if you follow Biblical principles, it will produce in your life. This is not only talking about physical and natural seedtime and harvest as in farming but in spiritual terms as well.

If you sow seed into good ground, it will produce a harvest in your life, “some 30, some 60, and some hundred-fold”! God will meet your need when you sow a seed. This is a principle that you can count on and have faith in. So next time you sow a seed, remember that it is a spiritual law and you will receive your harvest! So expect your harvest today!


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