March Madness Proverbs Day 30

March 30, 2007

   marchproverbs.jpg    holy-bible.png

Second to last chapter! Come on, you can do it! Read Proverbs chapter 30 for today!

From the Life Application Bible:

Verse 1: The origin of these sayings is not clear. Nothing is known about Agur except that he was a wise teacher who may have come from Lemuel’s kingdom.

Verses 2-4: Because God is infinite, certain aspects of his nature will always remain a mystery. Compare these questions with the questions God asked Job (Job 38-41).

Verse 4: Some scholars feel that the son referred to is the Son of God, the preincarnate being of the Messiah who, before the foundation of the earth, participated in the Creation. Colossians 1:16, 17 teaches that through Christ the world was created.

Verses 7-9: Having too much money can be dangerous, but so can having too little. Being poor can, in fact, be hazardous to spiritual as well as physical health. On the other hand, being rich is not the answer. As Jesus pointed out, rich people have trouble getting into God’s Kingdom (Matthew 19:23, 24). Like Paul, we can learn how to live whether we have little or plenty (Philippians 4:12), but our lives are more likely to be effective if we have “neither poverty nor riches.”

Verse 13: This phrase refers to prideful and haughty people who look down on others. Verses 11-14 contain a fourfold description of arrogance.

Verse 15ff: “Three things…no, four” is a poetic way of saying the list is not complete. The writer of these proverbs is observing the world with delighted interest. Verses 15-31 are an invitation to look at nature from the perspective of a keen observer.

Verses 24-28: Ants can teach us about preparation, badgers about wise building; locusts about cooperation and order; and lizards about fearlessness.


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