March Madness Proverbs Day 29

March 29, 2007

   marchproverbs.jpg    holy-bible.png

Read Proverbs chapter 29 for today’s March Madness!

Edit: I actually mixed up chapter 28 & 29. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now.

From the Life Application Bible:

Verse 13: “The Lord gives light to the eyes of both” means that everyone depends on God for sight. Both the oppressor and the poor have the gift of sight from the same God. God sees and judges both, and his judgment falls on those whose greed or power drives them to oppress the poor.

Verse 15: Parents of young children often weary of disciplining them. They feel like all they do is nag, scold, and punish. When you’re tempted to give up and let your children do what they want, or when you wonder if you’ve ruined every chance for a loving relationship with them, remember that kind, firm correction helps them learn, and learning makes them wise. Consistent, loving discipline will ultimately teach them to discipline themselves.

Verse 16: When the wicked are in leadership, sin prevails. In any organization – whether a church, a business, a family, or a government – the climate comes from the top. The people become like their leaders. What kind of climate are you setting for the people you lead?

Verse 18: “Divine guidance” refers to words from God received by prophets. Where there is ignorance of God, crime and sin run rampant. Public morality depends on the knowledge of God, but it also depends on keeping God’s laws. In order for nations and individuals to function well, people must know God’s ways and keep his rules.

Verse 24: This proverb is saying that a thief’s accomplice won’t tell the truth when under oath. Thus, by his perjury, he will hurt himself.

Verse 25: Fear of people can hamper everything you try to do. In extreme forms, it can make you afraid to leave your home. By contrast, fear of God – respect, reverence, and trust – is liberating. Why fear people who can do no eternal harm? Instead, trust God who can turn the harm intended by others into good for those who trust him.


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