Why I’m not signing up for Agloco

March 26, 2007


Before the Internet bubble burst, there was an Internet company called AllAdvantage that paid people to surf the web by using their software that delivered ads. They actually paid out cash ($0.50/hour). Now the same people who started AllAdvantage have now started Agloco promising much of the same.

Here’s why I’m skeptical at this point and will not be signing up unless some things change:

1. Since launching in November 2006, the promised Viewbar software is nowhere to be seen. It is supposedly in limited beta testing. So it is essentially vaporware at this point; ie. it doesn’t exist or there is absolutely no sign of it except a screenshot which could have been Photoshopped.

2. You don’t earn cash. At least not in the beginning. You accumulate hours with the ViewBar (maximum of 5 hours per month) and “If shares are issued they will be issued at one share per hour for Member hours and one quarter share for each referral hour”. Now the problem with that is that Agloco is not a public company yet and who knows when they will be. Now let’s just assume that they do become a public company and can issue shares. The only way you can earn money then is to sell your shares. So how will the selling process work since you didn’t buy shares to begin with?

“As AGLOCO™ grows and the company generates positive cash flow, we will be distributing the excess cash to Members and shareholders of the company. In addition, Members can earn cash directly in their accounts for certain transactions with AGLOCO™ sponsor sites.”

So now you have to wait for the company to start earning a profit in order to receive cash? All of this just seems like too much hassle and at this point there is no firm structure or way to earn money. They are obviously trying to build its user base by offering the incentive of “cash” and allowing referrals now.

I would be very cautious of this right now until the ViewBar software actually releases and even then it just seems like too much hassle to earn what little money you’ll be able to earn with this. It seems like a waste of time. Just my thoughts. That’s why I’m not signing up.


2 Responses to “Why I’m not signing up for Agloco”

  1. Rukmani Says:

    Interesting.i have joined but now i feel after reading your post,i should not have.Thanks.I dont know how many out there know or feel the same way.

  2. Read this post:

    This guy agrees with me and goes into more depth than I did.

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