March Madness Proverbs Day 26

March 26, 2007

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Read Proverbs chapter 26 for today!

From the Life Application Bible:

Verse 2: “An unfair curse will not land” means that it has no effect.

Verses 4-5: These two verses seem to be in contradiction. But the writer is saying that we shouldn’t take foolish people seriously and try to reason with their empty arguments. This will only make them proud and determined to win the argument. In some situations, you ought not to even try to answer fools, for there is no way you can penetrate their closed minds. You may, in fact, be stooping to their level if you do choose to answer. Fools will abuse you, and you will be tempted to abuse them in return. There are other situations where your common sense tells you to answer in order to expose their pride and folly.

Verse 7: Some people are so blind that they won’t get much wisdom from reading these proverbs. Only those who want to be wise have receptive attitude needed to make the most of them. If we want to learn from God, he will respond and pour out his heart to us (1:23).

Verse 8: Sometimes when someone in a group causes discord or dissension, the leader tries to make him loyal and productive by giving him a place of privilege or responsibility. This usually doesn’t work. In fact, it is like tying the stone to the sling – it won’t go anywhere and will swing back and hurt you. The dissenter’s new power may be just what he needs to manipulate the group.

Verse 9: Normally the first prick of a thorn alerts us, so we remove the thorn before it damages us. A drunk person, however, may not feel the thorn, and so it will work its way into his flesh. Similarly, a fool may not feel the sting of a proverb because he does not see how it applies to his life. Instead of taking its point to heart, a fool will apply it to his church, his employer, his spouse, or whomever he is rebelling against. The next time you find yourself saying, “So-and-so should really pay attention to that,” stop and ask yourself, Is there a message in it for me?

Verses 13-16: If a person is not willing to work, he or she can find endless excuses to avoid it. But laziness is more dangerous than a prowling lion. The less you do, the less you want to do, and the more useless you become. To overcome laziness, take a few small steps toward change. Set a concrete, realistic goal. Figure out the steps needed to reach it, and follow these steps. Pray for strength and persistence. To keep your excuses from making you useless, stop making useless excuses.

Verse 17: Yanking the ears of a dog is a good way to get bitten, and interfering in arguments is a good way to get hurt. Many time both arguers will turn on the person who interferes. It is best simply to keep out of arguments that are none of your business. If you must become involved, try to wait until the arguers have stopped fighting and cooled off a bit. Then maybe you can help them mend their differences and their relationship.

Verse 20: Talking about every little irritation and piece of gossip only keeps the fires of anger going. Refusing to discuss them cuts the fuel line and makes the fires die out. Does someone continually irritate you? Decide not to complain about the person, and see if your irritation dies from lack of fuel.


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