March Madness Proverbs Day 22

March 22, 2007

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Read Proverbs chapter 22 for today!

From the Life Application Bible:

Verse 4: This is a general observation that would have been especially applicable to an obedient Israelite living in Solomon’s God-fearing kingdom. Nevertheless some have been martyrs at a young age, and some have given away all their wealth for the sake of God’s Kingdom. The book of Proverbs describes life the way it should be. It does not dwell on the exceptions.

Verse 6: In the process of helping our children “choose the right path,” we must discern differing paths for each child. It is natural to want to bring up all our children alike or train them the same way. This verse implies that parents should discern the individuality and special strengths that God has given each one. While we should not condone or excuse self-will, each child has natural inclinations that parents can develop. By talking to teachers, other parents, and grandparents, we can better discern and develop the individual capabilities of each child.

Verse 6: Many parents want to make all the choices for their child, but this hurts him or her in the long run. When parents teach a child how to make decisions, they don’t have to watch every step he or she takes. They know their children will remain on the right path because they have made the choice themselves. Train your children to choose the right way.

Verse 7: Does this mean we should never borrow? No, but it warns us never to take on a loan without carefully examining our ability to repay it. A loan we can handle is enabling; a loan we can’t handle is enslaving. The borrower must realize that until the loan is repaid, he is a servant to the individual or institution that made it.

Verse 12: “Knowledge” refers to those who have knowledge, those who live right and speak the truth. It takes discipline, determination, and hard work to live God’s way, but God protects and rewards those who make the commitment to follow him. The unfaithful may seem to have an easier time of it, but in the long run their plans fail and their lives amount to nothing. Don’t resist God and expect lasting success.

Verse 13: This proverb refers to an excuse a lazy person might use to avoid going to work. The excuse sounds silly to us, but that’s often how our excuses sound to others. Don’t rationalize laziness. Take your responsibilities seriously and get to work.

Verse 15: Young children often do foolish and dangerous things simply because they don’t understand the consequences. Wisdom and common sense are not transferred by a parent’s good example alone. Just as God trains and corrects us to make us better, so parents must discipline their children to help them learn the difference between right and wrong. To see how God corrects us, read 3:11, 12.

Verses 22-23: This proverb is a message of hope to people who must live and work under unjust authoritarian leaders. It is also a warning to those who enjoy ruling with an iron hand. Sometimes God intervenes and directly destroys tyrants. more often, he uses other rulers to overthrow them or their own oppressed people to rebel against them. If you are in a position of authority at church, work, or home, remember what happens to tyrants. Leadership through kindness is more effective and longer lasting then leadership by force.

Verses 24-25: People tend to become like those with whom they spend a lot of time. Even the negative characteristics sometimes rub off. The Bible exhorts us to be cautious in our choice of companions. Choose people with characteristics you would like to develop in your own life.

Verse 28: In Joshua 13-21, the land was divided, and the boundaries were marked out for each tribe. Moses had already warned the people that when they reached the Promised Land they shouldn’t cheat their neighbors by moving any of the markers to give themselves more land and their neighbors less (Deuteronomy 19:14; 27:27).


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