March Madness Proverbs Day 19

March 19, 2007

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Today’s chapter is Proverbs chapter 19! Read it and come back for more!

From the Life Application Bible:

Verse 1: A blameless life is far more valuable than wealth, but most people don’t act as if they believe this. Afraid of not getting everything they want, they will pay any price to increase their wealth – cheating on their taxes, stealing from stores or employers, withholding tithes, refusing to give. But when we know and love God, we realize that a lower standard of living – or even poverty – is a small price to pay for personal integrity. Do your actions show that you sacrifice your integrity to increase your wealth? What changes do you need to make in order to get your priorities straight?

Verse 2: We often move hastily through life, rushing headlong into the unknown. Many people marry without knowing what to expect of their partner or of married life. Others try illicit sex or drugs without considering the consequences. Some plunge into jobs without evaluating whether or not they are suitable to that line of work. Don’t rush into the unknown. Be sure you understand what you’re getting into and where you want to go before you take the first step. And if it still seems unknown, be sure you are following God.

Verse 8: Is it good to love yourself? Yes, when your soul is at stake! This proverb does not condone the self-centered person, who loes and protects his or her selfish interests and will do anything to serve them. Instead, it encourages those who really care about themselves to seek wisdom.

Verse 16: The commandments we are told to obey are those found in God’s Word, such as the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) and other passages of instruction. To obey what God teaches in the Bible is self-preserving. To disobey is self-destructive.

Verse 17: Here God identifies with the poor as Jesus does in Matthew 25:31-46. As our Creator, God values all of us, whether we are poor or rich. When we help the poor, we honor both the Creator and his creation. God accepts our help as if we had offered it directly to him.

Verse 23: Those who fear the Lord receive “protection from harm” because of their healthy habits, their beneficial life-style, and sometimes through God’s direct intervention. Nevertheless the fear of the Lord does not always protect us from trouble in this life: Evil things still happen to people who love God. This verse is not a universal promise but a general guideline. It describes what would happen if this world were sinless, and what will happen in the new earth, when faithful believers will be under God’s protection forever.

Verse 25: There is a great difference between the person who learns from criticism and the person who refuses to accept correction. How we respond to criticism determines whether or not we grow in wisdom. The next time someone criticizes you, listen carefully to all that is said. You might learn something.


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