March Madness Proverbs Day 11

March 11, 2007

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Read Proverbs chapter 11 for today!

From the Life Application Bible:

Verse 4: “The day of judgment” refers to when we die or to the time when God settles accounts with all people. On judgment day, each of us will stand alone, accountable for all our deeds. At that time, no amount of riches will buy reconciliation with God. Only our love for God and obedience to him will count.

Verses 7-8: These verses, like 10:3, contrast two paths in life but are not intended to apply universally to all people tin all circumstances. God’s people are not excluded from problems or struggles. If a person follows God’s wisdom, however, God can rescue him or her from trouble. But a wicked person will fall into his or her own traps. Even if good people suffer, they can be sure they will ultimately be rescued from eternal death.

Verse 9: The mouth can be used either as a weapon or a tool, hurting relationships or building them up. Sadly, it is often easier to destroy than to build, and most people have received more destructive comments than those that build up. Every person you meet today is either a demolition site or a construction opportunity. Your words will make a difference. Will they be weapons for destruction or tools for construction?

Verse 14: A good leader needs and uses wise counselors. One person’s perspecitve and understanding is severely limited; he or she may not have all the facts or may be blinded by bias, emotions, or wrong impressions. To be a wise leader at home, at church, or at work, seek the counsel of others and be open to their advice. Then, after considering all the facts, make your decision.

Verse 19: Godly people find life because they live life more fully each day. They also find life because people usually live longer when they live right, with proper diet, exercise, and rest. In addition, they need not fear death because eternal life is God’s gift to them (John 11:25). By contrast, evil peopel not only find eternal death but also miss out on real life on earth.

Verse 22: Physical attractiveness without discretion soon wears thin. We are to seek those character strengths that help us make wise decisions, not just those that make us look good. Not everyone who looks good is pleasant to live or work with. While taking good care of our body and appearance is not wrong, we also need to develop our ability to think and make wise decisions.

Verses 24-25: Thses two verses present a paradox: We become richer by being generous. The world says to hold on to as much as possible, but God blesses those who give freely of their possessions, time, and energy. When we give, God supplies us with more so that we can give more. In addition, giving helps us gain a right perspective on our possessions. We realize they were never really ours to begin with, but they were given to us by God to be used to help others. What then do we gain by giving? Freedom from enslavement to our possessions, the joy of helping others, and God’s approval.

Verse 29: One of the greatest resources God gives us is the family. Families provide accaptance, encouragement, guidance, and counsel. Bringing trouble on your family – whether through anger or through an exaggerated desire for independence – is foolish because you cut yourself off from all they provide. In your family, strive for healing, communication, and understanding.

Verse 30: A godly person is a model of a meaningful life. Like a tree attracts people to its shade, a godly person’s sense of purpose attracts others who want to know how they, too, can find meaning. Gaining wisdom yourself can be the first step in leading people to God.

Verse 31: Contrary to popular opinion, no one sins and gets away with it. The righteous are rewarded for their faith. The wicked are punished for their sins. Don’t think for a moment that “it won’t matter” or “nobody will know” or “we won’t get caught” (see also 1 Peter 4:18).


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