March Madness Proverbs Day 9

March 9, 2007

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Today’s chapter is Proverbs chapter 9! Read it!

From the Life Application Bible:

Verse 1: The seven pillars are figurative; they do not represent seven principles of wisdom. In the Bible, the number seven represents completeness and perfection. This verse poetically states that wisdom lacks nothing – it is complete and perfect.

Verse 1ff: Wisdom and Folly (foolishness) are portrayed in this chapter as rival young women, each preparing a feast and inviting people to it. But Wisdom is a responsible woman of character, while Folly is a prostitute serving stolen food. Wisdom appeals to the mind; Folly to the senses. It is easier to excite the senses, but the pleasures of Folly are temporary. By contrast, the satisfaction that Wisdom brings lasts forever.

Verses 1-5: The banquet described in this chapter has some interesting parallels to the banquet Jesus described in one of his parables (Luke 14:15-24). Many may intend to go, but they never make it because they get sidetracked by other activities that seem more important at the time. Don’t let anything become more important than your search for God’s wisdom.

Verses 7-10: Are you a mocker or a wise person? You can tell by the way you respond to criticism. Instead of replying with a quick put-down or clever retort when rebuked, listen to what is being said. Learn from your critics; this is the path to wisdom. Wisdom begins with knowing God. He gives insight into living because he created life. To know God you must not just know the facts about him; you must have a personal relationship with him. Do you really want to be wise? Get to know God better and better (See James 1:5 and 2 Peter 1:2-4 for more on how to become wise.)

Verses 14-17: There is something hypnotic and intoxicating about wickedness. One sin leads to another; sinful behavior seems more exciting than the Christian life. That is why many people put aside all thought of Wisdom’s sumptuous banquets (9:1-5) in order to eat the stolen food of Folly. Don’t be deceived – sin is dangerous. Before reaching for forbidden fruit, take a long look at what happens to those who eat it.


One Response to “March Madness Proverbs Day 9”

  1. NCN Says:

    Hey! Thanks for linking to me… It looks like you are off to a good start! Keep it up. If you’ll email me at the end of March, I’ll gladly add you to my “roll”… Oh yeah, have you used the ESV version that’s out now? I LOVE IT! NCN

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