March Madness: Proverbs Style!

February 28, 2007


Hey! We’re going to mix it up for the Verse of the Day for the month of March for March Madness! The book of Proverbs contains exactly 31 chapters; perfect for reading one chapter a day for a month! That’s what we’re going to do for the month of March since it has 31 days! Perfect!

Proverbs is a great book for business people because it offers a ton of wisdom. Even if you’re not a business person, reading the Bible is always good for you anyways. So starting tomorrow, join me as we read through the book of Proverbs one chapter at a time. Then come back here for an in-depth study, commentary, and more. I will not be posting whole chapters here (it’d too long) so you’ll have to read it on your own. I’m sure you have a Bible somewhere gathering dust :).

From the Nelson Study Bible:

Everyone knows the value of good advice. Listening to those who are wiser than we are gives us the benefit of their hard-won experience. Growing up, getting along with others, and holding a job all would be impossible without guidance from folks who have been there before. The Book of Proverbs gives that kind of help.

But the book is more than a collection of “tips and tricks.” It passes on a core of knowledge and experience that God says we must have if we are to live successfully. These proverbs are not merely old sayings that concern people in far-off lands, but universal principles that apply to all people of all times. They speak to modern problems as much as to ancient ones because they concern human nature and God’s ways. Human nature has not changed since Soloman’s time; neither has God’s. Only the landscape around us has changed.


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